SoulSutras 87

Perfect – real and illusion, cont…….

How are you going??

Are things feeling more peaceful???

When you detach and learn not to expect something to be a certain way, let things happen as they should without force and control – perfectly – then you’re life and the way you move through it will begin to flow so much more smoothly.

Peace comes from inside – no matter what’s going on outside.

Peace comes when we are able to just accept things for what they are, and not have to react aggressively or angrily. Peace comes when we are able to detach ourselves from people who are no good for us. Peace comes when we let go of harboring resentment or anger at someone who we think has hurt us. Peace comes when we learn not to be jealous, spiteful or hurtful.

Accept every situation as perfect.

Instead of thinking, 

Why is this happening tome?


Why is this happening for me? 

What is my learning from this situation, person or nightmare?

You’ll soon see that indeed everything that happens for you is happening perfectly.

Why not let yourself make mistakes, and happily look at what you can learn from them, not beat yourself up over them.

Instead of striving for perfection, know you are perfect just as you are.

So as you go about your day today, think of me and smile at your adversity, smile at your misfortunes, smile at your achievements, smile at the grump who served you coffee this morning, smile, because everything that is happening for you today is happening perfectly.

I hope you have the most perfect day.

And tonight as you are drifting off to sleep I want you to log on to TempleTunes and listen to Lou Reed’s Perfect Day,and be glad you spent the day with you – you perfectly gorgeous being.