SoulSutras 89

Authenticity cont…..

You are living your authentic truth when you are happy, when things flow effortlessly towards you, doors mysteriously open, the path ahead is well lit and you can see it clearly.

You are living your authentic truth when you jump out of bed each morning and feel grateful to be alive, eager to see what the day brings.

You are in flow, you are aligned with your truth and you are being authentic.

To live your authentic truth sometimes takes great courage but I can guarantee you when you are in line with your soul truth and you are living your life with authenticity, naturally in flow, you can’t help but be happy, peaceful and joyful.

Being true to yourself, no matter what that looks like, is the greatest gift you could give yourself.

Being authentic means to not hide behind a mask of who you thinkyou should be.

Being authentic means to be your self – without compromise.

Learn to honor your soul, learn to honor your authenticity.

Where does your heart lie?

This will get you on your right path.

Always follow your heart, let your heart be your guide.

Do what you love and what so moves your soul – when you learn to do this, you will be living authentically.

By being authentic we are coming back to truth – our soul’s calling.

Authenticity comes from the heart, not the head.

So many of us are a certain way because we’ve been moulded by society, by schools, by families even by friends.

Sometimes we find ourselves living a life we are not aligned with and let me tell you there are no blocks to living your authentic truth – only ones you place in front of yourself.

If we are not following our heart’s truth we can end up creating subconscious blocks that can manifest in our physical reality, in the shape of illness.

A sore throat can manifest because we are holding back, we are not speaking our truth.

Stomach problems can arise if we are not standing in our power, if we are constantly suppressing ourselves, hiding our truth.

Hip problems can occur when we are fearful of the future and taking steps in the direction of our truth.

The right side represents the masculine, the left the feminine.

So be aware of what side your illness or discomfort appears.

If it presents itself on the right side, the issue could lie with a male figure in your life – a husband, partner, son, grandfather etc.

The left side is connected to, or could be connected to a mother, sister, wife or indeed your own feminine energy.

That’s where healing is so fascinating, and physical symptoms can be rectified in some cases immediately just by understanding where the ailment is stemming from.

We block ourselves through blocking our truth.

I’ve been a graphic designer most of my life working in television – a fast paced, tight deadline, high-energy job.

I was told by a number of healers and psychics for years that I was a healer – years before I had even contemplating doing energy healing.

Finally I listened to the guidance and started my course – it changed my life forever, and brought me into alignment with my souls calling and I have never, ever looked back.

Sure, I’m still a graphic designer and it is a vital part of my offering. I design all my offerings and in cases where others contribute to the design process I am keeping a very strict eye on them.

Tap into the source of your authenticity and live your truth openly and confidently, honour yourself and your own unique and sparkly light.

“Sugar, come on! Show your soul,

You’re keeping your love under control”

This week’s inspirational song is Original Of The Species by U2 and you can listen to it on TempleTunes – turn it up loud and dance around the room, authentically and without reservation.

Your light deserves to shine.

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