SoulSutras 9

“The Power of One…..”

Part 3

We went to bed that night and Julius asked if he could have another energy exchange.

I obliged.

Lying next to each other, our hands palm on palm, the energy started to flow.

It travels rhythmically, making it’s way through my body, through his.

A deep connection with the heart is established, one where I can actually connect with his and feel it breathing, in union with mine, in union with the divine.

At first it feels playful and fun, you feel childlike, like you are playing amongst the stars. They flow through you, around you, inside you, filling you with sparkly star dust so bright you begin to glow like the full moon in a clear night sky.

It is at this moment you become aware there is so much more to you then just skin and bone.

We lay there in silence as the energy filled our bodies with divine, sparkly light, the two of us submerged in the flow of the cosmos, united with our creator.

The energy began to slowly but steadily build.

Without any movement at all and laying perfectly still our energies were merging –

the divine feminine from me,

the divine masculine from him.

The two were caressing each other, dancing playfully yet seductively, building effortlessly as we lay there experiencing their divine union.

Shakti and Shiva.

The energy had changed slightly from starry to seductive, it was now moving from playful to a divine sexual hum.

We basked in its glow as long as we could.

I invited him in.