SoulSutras 91

“Forgiveness cont……..”

Sometimes it takes time to truly learn the art of forgiveness.

If you are hurting so badly and have so much anger inside that it feels like forgiveness is impossible, maybe this is your chance.

Forgiveness is a choice and it’s a wise one because what it will do is free you – clear your precious energy.

The Alchemist is about turning lead into gold: We as spiritual beings have the opportunity and the power to do the same.

We have the power inside us to transmute that negative energy into positive energy through forgiveness.

If you hold onto anger, jealousy or hatred – and you feed it with more anger, jealousy and hatred – every time you think of what happened, you are simply destroying yourself.

This is dangerous.

If you expend your energy thinking about a situation that has wronged you or harmed you, you are adding fuel to the fire……and what happens when we do this?

The energy grows: untamed and out of control – blinding all in its path and consuming everything with its fury.

This then becomes YOUR energy.

You have become the energy against which you were rebelling.

If you harbour resentment, anger and fury for long periods of time, you become that energy – harming no one but you.

Through forgiveness – and I mean truly forgiving – you free yourself from those negative thoughts and emotions; those negative words and actions and you protect your energy.


You bring light to the darkness.


You transmute the anger to love.

You transmute the jealousy to love.

You transmute the hatred to love.

You transmute the lead to gold.


You are the Alchemist – all powerful and in control.


Another person’s actions are their own.

Keep it that way.

How we react to the situation is up to us.

Learning to forgive is an act that will hold you in very good stead.

It will lead to more happiness, more joy and more peace.

Forgiveness not only frees you – it also disconnects you from the other person.

No one has really wronged you, they have just given you a lesson in forgiveness.


Keep that TempleSoul of yours clean, loving and forgiving and with every opportunity life gives you to forgive, say “thank you” for this valuable lesson.


And so it is.


“So break my step,

And relent

You forgave and I won’t forget”

This week’s inspirational song is ‘I Will Wait’ by Mumford & Sons and you can listen to it now on TempleTunes – turn it up loud and dance around the room, offering forgiveness to all.

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