SoulSutras 93

“You and Me Babe, How About It? cont…….”

Making love is not only about procreating and having orgasms, although that is a positive side effect.

It is a sacred act, one capable of showing you who you really are – taking you back to wholeness, merging your physical and spiritual natures as one.

It is a sacred act, capable of profound healing.

It is a sacred act, capable of great transformation.

The ancient High-Priestess would use this knowledge of this sacred act to heal and uplift. To transmute and transcend.

They were respected as the great healers.

They knew how to tap into this incredible energy and work with it, and people came to them to heal, to reconnect and to transcend.

A great many of us walking the earth now, in our current incarnation were High-Priestesses and still have this ancient knowledge locked away in our DNA, but over time this ancient wisdom was rebuked rather than revered and it is time to bring it up into the light again.

Divine feminine sexual energy is powerful – and for women it is our natural vibration.

It is a source available to us and within us and when unleashed is unstoppable.

It is wild, and to some may feel uncontrollable, which is why over the centuries people have tried to tame this incredible life force.

When we don’t understand something, we tend not to like it, we tend to try and push it away, get rid of it – and this has resulted in the suppression of the divine feminine and all the beautiful wisdom that goes with it.

Women, standing in their divine sexual power are strong, they are immovable, they are powerful beyond belief and to those who aren’t familiar with this energy it can be terrifying.

I have come across beautiful men, who know what this energy is, and love it.

They happily hold the space for me to express it in its wild and purest form.

I am incredibly lucky in this lifetime to have Julius as my companion, for he too is aware of its incredible power and importance. And he is more than happy to open himself fully so that he too can experience the benefits this profound reconnection brings.

The next time you make love I don’t want you to think about it as a chore, or do it to keep someone happy. I want you to do it so that you can unlock the divine feminine wisdom that resides within you.

I want you to open yourself up to experience love through divine orgasmic bliss.

I want you to make love to reconnect to your self – that wise and ancient being you know you are.

Put all you know about love making aside and let me take you on a beautiful spiritual ride back home.

Home to your true nature, your real self.

I would like to help you unlock this divine feminine wisdom, so that you too can raise the resonance of the planet through the sacred sexual act of making love and reconnect your physical self to your spiritual self.

“A lovestruck Romeo

sang the streets of serenade

laying everybody low

with a love song that he made”

This week’s inspirational song is ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by Dire Straits, and you can listen to it now on TempleTunes – as you listen, tune in to the wild, primal life force within and harness its energy, to reconnect you back to ‘self’.

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