SoulSutras 94

What do you do in times of grief?

I can’t begin to believe the devastation so many would be feeling at this moment and it’s hard to put into words anything that would compensate for the loss and confusion those who are left behind, and touched in any way by this tragedy in New Zealand would be feeling.

How is it possible one person can have so much hate, so much anger and so much fury inside him that he could be driven to perform such atrocity?

Such is the power of a polluted mind and such riled emotion.

My heart goes out to each and every one of those affected by this callous act and I send nothing but love to all.


“No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, every man is your teacher”


Let the above quote by Florence Skoval Shin lead us in the right direction.

This quote forces us to look at this situation differently – to look at this killer as a teacher – to use him to broaden our minds about what it means to be human, what it means to feel pain and more importantly how we can use this pain to transcend into love.

Always out of these tragedies comes an outpouring of human emotion. The news travels far and wide and we see people, total strangers distraught, laying wreaths, leaving messages of love and hope, helping out any way they can – this is love in action.

We have to remember that love is what we are at our core, and love is bigger than hate.

We have to use this tragedy to move out of hate and into love.

We have to view this as another opportunity for growth and learning and we have to stop talking about it and do something about it so we can prevent things like this happening to others.

We have to use this opportunity to teach and reinforce the importance – above all else of love and peace and this has to begin in each individual person.

Before we can become a human race based on the principals of love – we have to do the work and find our own TempleSoul.


Let’s use the tragedy in New Zealand as a teachable moment and let none of these poor innocent men, women and children die in vein.

Let’s take our power of free will and change the vibration of this planet – each of us, as individuals has a part to play in raising the resonance of earth and transcend the lower vibrational energies of hate and operate only at the frequency of divine love.

As hard and challenging as it is to be love in a situation like this, we have to step into love, we have to step into forgiveness and we have to meditate on peace.

At our core, in our hearts, we are made of love and everything that energy encapsulates – joy, peace, kindness, compassion and happiness, amongst other things.


At our core we are not black or white, yellow or brown – we are love.

At our core we are not short or tall, fat or thin, pretty or ugly – we are love.

At our core we are not Catholic, Muslim, Hindi or Scientologists – we are love.

At our core we are not Arabic, Australian, Kiwis or Brits – we are love.

At our core we are not angry, hurtful, hateful or spiteful – we are love.

At our core we are not even male or female – we are just love – pure and simple.


We choose to take this human journey to try and find our way back to love and we are given circumstances that will rock that very foundation so we can make a choice – one we can make at every single situation that comes our way over our lifetime.

Do I choose love and forgiveness or do I choose hate and anger?

That gunman chose anger and hate and look at the result of that.

Look at the result of that polluted mind and that riled emotion.

Look at the power of thought and become aware of how that power shapes your reality.

Look at the importance of observing your thoughts and keeping them at a high vibration – positive and peaceful.

If one thinks over and over again such negativity about others – the result can be catastrophic and in this case is.

Sadly we can’t change what has happened – we cannot bring back the dead – but when the grieving and the hurt subsides let’s hope we can choose to hold love in our hearts –


Love for the person who died so that we could be forced into action.

Love for the person who died so that we can learn forgiveness.

Love for the person who died so that we can choose love.


Let this be an opportunity for each and every one of us to be the light which is within our hearts.


Today’s song is “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House.

“Hey now, hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won’t win”

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