A Soul’s Journey – 88

“Between What Was And What Is To Be……”

It was a pretty intense session.

I’ve had a lot of experience with healers and energy workers but this was the next level.

Understandably this session was quite raw and involved healing and releasing stuck energy relating to grief – around the heart, in the hips, and especially in the sacral chakra.

We cleared this energy.

We chatted about when and where my kundalini was active – Mostly in Singapore.

What has happened to my kundalini since I got back to Australia – I feel I have a lack of creativity and motivation (I imagine because I was holding grief in the sacral chakra).

We talked about my need for space and how important this is to my whole process – initially I said I needed three years. I wasn’t sure why but my intuition was telling me I needed three years for some process to occur. (She said I was bang on and I am in fact 18months through)

We talked about my connection with Egypt and the choice of the name TempleSoul for my business.

Incidentally, Myree is Egyptian and I had no idea.


I think not.

More serendipitous.

I talked about how I felt I was in limbo.

Myree put it as being between what was and what is to be.

I liked that.

We talked for about half an hour, and then it was time to connect energetically.

As I said, I have never felt energy like it.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Finding Nemo, but it was kind of like when Marlin and Dory were riding the East Australian Current.

Fast – so, very fast.

It was like being in an ocean of codes and symbols – like an information super-highway, and it was blowing my mind.

She said I was able to fully let go as I was being supported and that I hadn’t allowed myself to do this over the last couple of years because I was holding space for our children.

Myree also said I was a high-speed being (one who processes energy very quickly) and that I was like a little red Ferrari. Although I was in a state of limbo – my wheels were on blocks with my engine revving at full capacity and the wheels spinning at high speed but stationary.

I cannot wait until those wheels hit the ground!

We talked about reclaiming my body, my sexuality.

There was tightness in the hips she thinks also had to do with me wanting to defend myself in this area.

She said many women who lived High Priestess lives experienced some pretty traumatic endings with the rise of patriarchy and there could be some trauma around that as well.

The guides were allowing me to feel and perceive permission to be fully in command of my life and be fully in command of the expression of that life –

The sexual energies, pleasure, and joy.

My healing gifts.

The flow of my awakening.

She also brought some better organization around the awakening process, so it wasn’t so chaotic – I am very appreciative of that!

Myree said I was bringing in a higher level of consciousness and in order to do this, I had to let go of the old structures and that my awakening wouldn’t tolerate any kind of imbalance.

“In a way you’ve been in a little bit of stasis because you had to make a lot of space and a lot of consensus and reality change has happened in your world – it’s massive!

And now, what’s going to happen is you’re going to release the structures, the old structures in your system and even as I say that there is a light that activates because the light and the consciousness and the speed, like the person that you’re going to be, most definitely, cannot run on those old structures, but you needed them to be in place to get you to where you are – you needed them to be there to do what you had to do in the past 18 months.”

So as my energy body finds balance, my outer world will change and alter to find balance as well.

As within, so without.

A Soul’s Journey 86

“Kundalini – Goddess Of Transformation and Awakening……”

Within each and every one of us, there is masculine and feminine energy.

The masculine is associated with the right-hand side of the body, the feminine the left.

We want to find an equal balance of both within because then we can experience harmony – A merging of body and soul, spirit and matter – a divine union, a sacred marriage, the hieros gamos.

The Kundalini lies coiled within the sacrum or sacred bone and carries within it a sacred dimension.

Once the two energies are balanced, and the chakras cleared, the kundalini can make a safe passage from within the Sacrum up through Sushumna and out through Sahasrara – the Crown chakra.

This is indeed sacred work.

The work of Self Realization.

It is explained beautifully below –

Self-realization is a subtle inner experience which manifests when the kundalini rises from the sacrum along the spinal column to emerge from the crown of the head at the place known as the fontanelle.

Once awakened, the kundalini bathes the attention of the seeker in a state of serenity characterized by the slowing, and the gradual cessation of thoughts (Nirvichara Samadhi). The kundalini goes on to confer a state of contemplation and bliss (Ananda).

As she ascends the kundalini lifts the yogi’s attention to the Self. When his consciousness is immersed in the Self, the one seeking truth knows that he is the Spirit, for the Spirit enters his consciousness. There is no longer any dualism between knowing and being. These two states are merged in a single absolute, the sole reality of the Self.

When the kundalini (Mother Goddess) awakens, she lifts the Spirit (Shiva, the reflection of God the Father in the heart) until they are united in the limbic region of the brain (called in the Indian spiritual tradition Sahasrara). This is just above the region known to physicians as the thalamus, a Greek word meaning Bridal-Chamber. Thus yoga is the point of union between the human spirit and the Divine. But it is also the primordial divine union. which existed before the separation of the male principle (God the Father, the spirit) and the female (Adi Shakti, Kundalini) It is the union between the Bridegroom and the Bride described in the Song of Songs, the hieros gamos of the neo-platonists.”

The Search For The Divine Mother by Gwenaël Verez

As Ramana Maharshi said,

“To know the Self is to be the Self, for there are not two Selves. To know is to be. Awareness is Being”

Believe me, at times I have felt it would have been easier to give up the quest, just go back to being ignorant and unaware. The changes that have occurred in my life have been positively difficult – there is no other word to describe them, but something always pulls me back.

I’m not one to cut corners or leave a job half-finished, besides when you have felt the love that resides inside – even if only for a few seconds – you have felt it and so the quest begins because you know you are so much more than you think you are and you know that the treasure lies within.

And I for one am not going to let the treasure go undiscovered.

No, I will push on until the purifying fire of the kundalini burns away and destroys all impurities standing in the way of me being at one with my true Self.

“Self-Realization is the most important step a seeker can take because it opens up a new dimension – the Divine nature of man”

No, I’m not leaving this game, I have come too far.

So upon my return from my Soul Portraits retreat, I did some research of my own and that’s when I came upon my new Kundalini coach, Myree Morsi.

I signed up immediately for a complimentary 15-minute session.