Rachael is a gifted intuitive healer. A session with her was a wonderful gift and was unlike any other healing method I'd ever experienced. It felt as if she sent gentle healing waves into my energy field, leaving me feeling not only inspired but nurtured. Her insights on my life were very helpful and accurate. I'm looking forward to our next session.

Angela Davies - Melbourne
Having known Rachael for a long time and watching her evolve throughout her healing journey, I can honestly say that a session from Rachael is like having your soul bathed in amazing healing light direct from the Angels. Her intuition and guidance is just what my body and soul need and crave at the time. Rachael's generous and sincere spirit empathises with everything that develops and I leave every session feeling spiritually lighter, more focussed and immensely loved.

Renae Rokic - Singapore
My distance healing with Rachael is an immeasurable treasured gift that will stay with me, I assume forever. The session was like a warm comforting hug and her notes regarding it are a wonderful reference to reflect back on. Reassurances, surprises and insight came through. I eagerly look forward to this experience again. Rachael you are blessed, thank you for sharing your gift x

Sally Davies - Bangkok
I received my second healing with Rachael and once again I am amazed and grateful for the experience. The shift in my 'self' from the first healing to this second healing is so noticeable and very welcome! I feel like I understand myself so much more, from the physical healing to the discussion afterwards about what my body is trying to tell me from such a caring and open person as Rachael is truly wonderful. Rachael you are a blessing and beautiful person.

Trisha Davies - Singapore
It was my first time experiencing an energy healing and I didn’t quite know what to expect but felt guided to reach out to Rachael.  She made me feel comfortable and at ease in her beautiful TempleSoul studio. The practice was very powerful, I could feel the energy shift immediately. The debrief afterwards was really interesting and I am now working on clearing out some negative energy I have been holding onto. Overall I feel lighter with a more positive outlook, looking forward to the future. I highly recommend Rachael

Charlie Adams - Melbourne
Rachael has a rare and special gift. After I saw her, off the back of a rough 6 months, things finally shifted in a positive direction. I will always be grateful and hands down, a client for life!

Gabrielle Leonello - Adelaide