The first time they made love was raw but gentle.

They had waited long enough and it was time to unleash the pent up energy inside.

With Eamon she felt safe, so loved – it was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

With him she felt whole and complete, understood and protected.

He seemed to know exactly what her body wanted and needed at the time – seducing her with his gentle hands and adoring gaze.

He was attentive and present – every time they made love he was present.

She could give herself to him freely and uninhibited.

She loved him with all her heart and not because he was her first love.

This love was special – a soul connection – she could feel it in every fibre of her being.

To love another is a privilege but to be loved in return a gift.

Making love to Eamon felt like more than just making love, so much more.

It felt like a sacred act – one where the two of them became one, not just with each other but with the entire universe.

When she made love to Eamon, her heart exploded and her entire body orgasmed – she became the moon and the stars – everything in the galaxy – timeless and limitless.

The quest was over – she had found her twin soul – the truest of loves.

When they made love, these two souls came together again as one – no duality, no time, just one eternal energy of love.

With him she found her eternal spirit, one with his, one with all – their bond was pure Alchemy.

When he looked at her he saw the moon and the stars in her eyes, she could see in his, his tremendous love for her.

He showed his affection in his words, actions, in his touch – he would lay down his life for her and she for him.

This was an old love, a familiar love – they had been reunited in this lifetime, to take up where they left off. This she knew.

When they were apart it was agonising – one half not complete without the other.

This would be a long and enduring love, a love story like no other – she felt grateful and humbled he loved her back.

After some time they decided they couldn’t bare to be apart and talked often about their future – a simple life – raising a family, tending to the land, making a modest living.

Eamon and Inanna had it all perfectly planned.

Her father though, had other ideas.