If it was possible to die of a broken heart – Inanna felt sure this would be her fate.

Every single day was worse than the last, an unbearable darkness descended upon her.

She took no joy in anything anymore – the anger had subsided and in its place lingered bitterness.

She spent more and more time locked away in her bedroom refusing to interact with the outside world, refusing at times to even eat – her appetite lost.

She couldn’t bear to look at her father and refused to speak to him – at the moment it was impossible to forgive – the hurt too raw, too fresh in her mind.

She played the picture of their last moment together over and over again in her mind – her heart ached and it was as though a part of her soul had been removed. It was at this point in time she doubted she would ever feel whole again – she doubted she would ever love again – her soul mate, the love of her life – gone.

She didn’t know where and she didn’t know how she would ever find him again.

She had thought about running away – she had even thought about killing herself, so unbearable was her pain.

It would be quite simple – she would just drown herself in the lake – she thought drowning would be quite peaceful once the struggle was over, that was her thinking anyway.

Everything she looked at was tainted by her sadness and grief – she simply could not find joy in anything anymore.

The only thing keeping her home was her mother and her sisters.

Her mother’s heart broke for Inanna – they felt each other’s pain as if it were their own.

Not strong enough to stand up to her over-bearing husband, Inanna’s mother just sat by and watched the whole catastrophe unfold.

When Inanna and Eamon went to her father to tell them of their plans they were not met with love and happiness as they had expected, they were met with hostility and rage.

“Over my dead body” roared his words – his body livid, shaking with anger.