How could Inanna ever think of marrying a lowly servant – a farm-boy – what was she thinking bringing disgrace to the family in that manner?

In Eamon, Innana didn’t see a lowly worker, when she looked at him, she saw only his heart and in it – pure love.

Inanna stood in her power initially – fighting for her right to choose, but her father only thought of her assertiveness as unladylike and aggressive.

To Inanna being powerful meant you could be kind while still having healthy boundaries and not letting people push you around.

Her father found this exasperating and tiresome – she was a woman and she would act as such: subservient, diligent and silent.

The men made the rules around here.

Inanna was having none of it.

Her already fractious relationship with her father had become even more so – the damage irreparable.

Eamon and Inanna decided to run away.

They would elope and start that life together they had dreamt of.

Inanna packed her things with the help of her sisters. Millicent often cried and held onto Inanna for dear life. The sisters were all very close and she was going to miss them both terribly. Frances was older and wiser and had seen the whole love story unfold. She understood the love the two shared and thought it would be best to let this free spirit run wild.

There was never anyone that could ever keep Inanna trapped in a cage.

After some years at the farm, Eamon knew the property like the back of his hand.

They would leave via the Western gate under the cover of darkness.

No one ever went to that part of the property. The trail was hard and worn, only decipherable to someone who had trod its path countless times before, as he had done.

They held each other’s hands as they made their way, a sense of excitement and anticipation tinged with sadness. Inanna wasn’t sure whether she would ever see her beloved mother or sisters again, but she was sure in time her father would forgive her actions and welcome her back into the family home.

It took some time to reach the gate, having to stop intermittently for Eamon to remove a thorn from Inanna’s skin, in the dark this proved challenging.

Inanna felt exhilarated – finally free of her father’s tight grip.

Eamon put his hand on the gate, their future but a short step away.

But as he unlocked the gate, their hopes were dashed as her father came from behind and grabbed Inanna violently.

She stood there, frozen to the spot, her body cold and stiff.

He didn’t even raise his voice, his rifle did all the talking.

Eamon was instructed to leave the property immediately and never step foot on his land again.

He turned Inanna around with such force she lost her footing.

She tried to turn around to see Eamon, to catch a glimpse of him one last time, but her fathers grip and pace made it difficult.

She knew there was no point in struggling, the bruises already forming on her arm.

And with each passing step her heart grew a little colder.

Tears ran quietly down her cheeks.