Virtues – B



“I am benevolent. I open my heart and care for others.

I am aware of others feelings and show kindness and compassion “


“Being benevolent is being kind toward yourself and others.

You show compassion, goodwill and charitableness.

It is said that the universe is benevolent – it only wants the very best for us.

By being benevolent we are being an expression of universal energy.

Being benevolent is having goodwill, being thoughtful and considerate, having a big, open heart and a generous spirit.

Benevolence is showing kindness and goodwill and not expecting anything in return.

It doesn’t mean however that you only give and do not receive.

Receiving things is just as important as giving and we must be open to receiving as much as we are open to giving.”

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to read more on how you can practice benevolence and in turn teach your children the importance of practicing benevolence.

All too often we put ourselves down and nit pick our faults, when really we should be showing the most kindness and compassion to ourselves. That way we can radiate it out to the world and show kindness and compassion to others.

How do you practice benevolence?