Melbourne Workshops 2022


After completing her study with the Ashati International Institute of Energy Healing in March 2022, Rachael has thought long and hard about how best to teach the knowledge and wisdom she has gained over the last seven years.

Rachael is passionate about working with people and teaching them strategies on how to navigate their way through life more peacefully, mindfully and joyfully.

Through her workshops she intends to demystify spirituality and through her unique way of looking at things, hopes to teach her clients a new and brighter perspective on life.

These workshops have been designed to help people who are highly stressed, highly anxious, stuck-in-a-rut, or lacking purpose, motivation or drive. She hopes they will clear away negative energy from your life and help you live with more joy, passion and love.

Rachael is a warm, open and authentic teacher, with a vast knowledge on energy and how we work and make our way through this world as an energetic being. She has created a beautiful safe and sacred space for those who are ready to take control of their lives and get back on track and of course bring back a bit of fun and sparkle.

Her sessions are light-hearted and practical and she would love for you to join her so she can teach what she loves and help you reconnect with your soul.


These sessions will run twice a month from May through to November. They will be based on the knowledge and wisdom Rachael has gained through her study of Energy Healing combined with practical everyday examples that come from her own personal life experiences.

Each three hour session will be as follows. A 45 minute chat about the topic followed by a 60 minute healing and meditation circle. This practice may be very new to some but anyone that has experienced a one-on-one Energy Healing with Rachael will understand the power and profound change that can result after an Energy Healing. In a group setting this energy is amplified and the changes, quite simply, astonishing.

There will be two breaks and she will devote the last 45 minutes to sharing and question time.

Rachael is going to keep these workshops to a maximum of ten; small and intimate, so that everyone will benefit from both the workshops and the group healings.

Securing your spot will come once full payment of the session has been received.

A list of the upcoming SoulSessions Workshops can be found here.

Max 8 people $220 per three hour session


The ZenMen sessions have been specifically designed for the health and wellbeing of the Divine Masculine. Long the provider, the risk taker, the action man, the masculine often overlooks their feminine side, that of the nurturer, the wise intuitive, the heart-centred, and the compassionate.

Achieving balance within both of these two main archetypes is of the utmost importance if we are to see balance in our everyday physical reality.

Rachael hopes that through these sessions and by addressing both these qualities the participant will reach a harmonious balance within, therefore reflecting that without.

Whether you are experienced in meditation and healing or not, everyone is welcome at any level and any stage of their journey.

Rachael is a warm and compassionate teacher, trustworthy and authentic and has created a divine, scared space for the Divine Masculine to heal and grow.

A list of the upcoming ZenMen Workshops can be found here.