For the entire four weeks that followed Inanna wasn’t left alone once.

Either her mother or one of her sisters was with her at all times. They were so fearful she would run away or do something even worse.

She was nill by mouth now and looked worse than ever. Her mother wondered how she even had the strength to stand.

The days were somehow racing by and Inanna spent all of them looking out the window at the little stone hut.

She could not believe how her life could change so dramatically: in love one minute, desperate and alone the next.

“What kind of world was this?” she thought.

How and why was this her fate?

She thought she must have done something terrible in a past life to deserve this.


She knew enough about energy to know conserving it was important at this stage.

She decided she would go along with this whole wedding caper and once she was away from the home, she would be free.

Free to run as far away as she possibly could. She would do so in the carriage on the way home from the nuptials.

She would play along long enough to make her escape.

She had it all meticulously planned.

Her mothers and sisters noticed her change of attitude and were worried about her sudden compliance.

She was eating small amounts of soup in the week leading up to the event and was even beginning to smile and talk.

Inanna was a little unpredictable and you never knew quite knew what would happen when she was around – she was so full of surprises.

They could tell she had a plan of some sort but were not sure what.

Her mother tried to ween it out of her but Inanna was being nothing but loving and reassuring.

She was not letting her plan be vexed now.