Inanna recognized him instantly although they had never met before.

‘He’s back”, she thought in her mind.

He was gorgeous, there was no other word for him.

He was striking. Dark and brooding with big brown eyes, olive skin and shoulder length curly black hair – just her type.

He was younger than she thought he would be.

He was rattled, unhinged and stared intently right through her.

She remained unmoved, her eyes locked firmly on his.

He was taken aback by her doggedness, perplexed by her confidence – he’d never come across anyone like her.

His footman raised his hand, “Step aside for the King” he roared, sending shockwaves through the crowd.

No one was game to look up, should they have their head chopped off.

No one spoke to the King, without being spoken to first.

Inanna turned her head to look at him. She raised an eyebrow and stood firmly to the spot.

The sound of the horses armour and their frequent snorts the only thing audible now.

Inanna retained her composure, unrattled and unmoved she looked back at the King, a wry smile gracing her lips.

After what seemed like an eternity she stepped aside, just enough to let the horse through and at the last minute, taking her cue form her beloved Eamon, bowed her head and made a dramatic and over the top curtsy.

The horses were kicked into motion, disdain lingered in their wake.