The crowd all got to their feet and ran wildly after the King and all of his men,  shouting and clapping frantically.

She stood in the square until the dust settled and the crowd emptied.

She watched as he made his way up the long hill and disappeared behind the palace gates.

He did indeed command attention.

He too had presence and she was sure he was not to be trifled with.

“I heard you made quite the scene in the square today Inanna”, said Lilith later that evening.

“News travels fast. Let me guess, Mrs Emmett?” she smiled.

“Oh not only her Inanna, I’m afraid you were the talk of the town. You may well be for centuries to come”.

“What did you think of the King?” she asked curiously.

She was interested because she’d heard Inanna describe Eamon at length and knew the King shared strong similarities – well in looks anyway.

That’s where it ended.


“Guarded. With a heart as cold as a dungeon” she said dramatically with a smirk on her face.

She was sure just by looking at him there lay a treasure trove of secrets and betrayal inside. She felt him to be emotionally void and unable to express himself. It was as though his heart had been closed tight for years, as he shielded himself from love and happiness should he get hurt.

All that aside, she saw something within him.

She felt something too.

And for the life of her she couldn’t stop thinking about him all day. She would brush the thoughts aside and then out of nowhere she would catch herself thinking about him again.

“Who was this man, and what did he want with her?”

She was sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would play a starring role in the story of her life.

After healing and meditation, she went to bed and drifted off with one thing on her mind