She hadn’t thought about making love for a long time. Her healing and spiritual work now occupied most of her days and her experiences with Beircheart made her shudder at the thought.

The rituals that involved the women were of a highly sexual nature, but she didn’t think of them as making love. She saw them as a necessary part of transcendence and her spiritual practice.

She enjoyed it immensely and it did make her orgasm, and she used this energy to transform her own.

Sexual energy was very powerful and when harnessed correctly could be used for all manner of things.

The way to connect to this energy was through pleasure and touch. It was possible to orgasm without penetration and she had become adept at this.

Inanna would combine the breath of yoga and meditation to aid the process and call in the women to pleasure her at times too. This was all part of sacred practice and was to be done only on the marble altar in the water temple.

Inanna knew the importance of channelling this energy and directed it to enrich her life and raise her conscious awareness.

Sex after all was the driving force of nature, the essence of creation, passion and artistic expression.

Women, the vehicles of life, emulate the divine mother Gaia, who gives birth to all.

She knew we were all sexual beings and she knew the path of sexual transformation.

It was not about denial, over-indulgence or repression.

It was about acknowledgement: acknowledgement of yourself as a sexual being.

It was about acceptance and honouring your sexual energy. It was a part of you and couldn’t be repressed or destroyed no matter how hard you tried.

Inanna knew that this very primal energy was part of her very essence and she needed to integrate it for wholeness and completion.

A part of her energy was repressed under the control of Beircheart and she was in the process of calling it back.