Over the next few weeks, her ritual would become her focus She found that if she concentrated on ritual and her healing, her thoughts of Silas would lessen.

Lilith noticed her absence and distraction and would often find her staring aimlessly at the castle.

Silas had awoken something in her, unlocked something and it frightened her a little.

Whatever it was it felt overwhelming, big, out-of-control, and was very sexual in nature.

Her practice with the nymphs had reflected this

She was becoming more expressive, more experimental.

She felt safe with the women around, protected and held.

She could open herself and her sexual practice with ease. She ran the show and felt empowered and comfortable at the helm, but when it came to men she felt differently.

What she felt when she looked at Silas, felt foreign, unnatural and she relayed this to Lilith.

“Inanna, your challenge is to allow the full expression of your sexuality in all its beauty and power – the rawness and the wildness.

You do it with the nymphs easily and in time you will trust men enough to open to them again.

What are you scared of dear – letting go of your wildness, being overwhelmed or are you scared of  being hurt? This is only natural after what you’ve been through. If you are holding yourself back sexually, the chances are that you are holding back your love as well.

Try not to bring your beliefs and past experiences into the present.

Trust yourself Inanna, trust your body and open your heart – to yourself and others.

All loving is a risk Inanna, allow yourself to be vulnerable. When you allow this, you tap into incredible power.

Don’t be scared of showing your love, Inanna – who knows what lays on the other side of fear.”