Inanna felt terribly jumpy. Gone was the self-assured woman in the square and in her place a bundle of nerves.

Master Mitchell could sense her apprehension but quickly put her at ease.

He wasn’t like the other guards, distant or aloof, there was a warmness behind his eyes. She felt an instant liking for him and her instincts proved right – they seldom lead her astray.

He would become a very trusted confidante behind the castle walls, and could sense very clearly Inanna’s fluctuating moods.

Master Mitchell filled her in, so she was prepared for what lay ahead.

King Silas had been out hunting and his beloved horse had been accidently struck with an arrow.

He was beside himself. That horse meant the world to him. He would rather lose a leg, than lose his horse.

He wasn’t in a good way and when he felt things were out of his control he could become belligerent and aggressive.

“Oh great” she thought, “Just what I need”.

“Who called for me?” asked Inanna

“Oh, that was Old Tom. He speaks so fondly of you and when Silas brought his injured horse back to the stables he knew there was only one person to call – The Healer.”

They were close now, and the butterflies in the pit of her stomach returned.

“Best, not to say too much Inanna. When he’s in a state like this, keep conversation to a minimum”.

She smiled nervously.

She gathered herself. This was the moment. What would reveal itself behind those doors?

Master Mitchell opened the door.

Silas was distraught, dishevelled.

“What took you so long”, he roared.

Inanna stepped out from the shadows.

He flinched.

“I’m sorry Sire, I came as quickly as I could. What seems to be the problem?”

He looked inquisitively at Master Mitchell and then turned his head toward Old Tom.

“She’s very good Sire. I have seen her tend to the horses myself. You can trust her”

Was he questioning her ability? Was it because she was a woman?

This made her blood boil.

She walked straight past him and directly to the horse.

The horse was in a state too.

Inanna gave strict instructions to Old Tom and Master Mitchell and told Silas to make himself scarce.

He refused.