All eyes were on Inanna now.

If she could save the king’s horse there would be much to celebrate.

If she didn’t, she shuddered to think.

She created space around her, took a few deep breaths and got to work.

She calmed the horse first.

Garnered his trust.

He was so beautiful and it pained her to see him like this. After all we are all connected, we all emanate from the same source, just seemingly separate.

Everyone was quiet. They were mesmerised by Inanna.

No-one had managed to settle the horse, not even King Silas.

Just as she had done with Lady before, she lay down with him now, her body against the horses. He calmed instantly.

She’d never learnt the art of healing animal’s, she just knew it instinctively and trusted herself completely.

She felt at ease with animals, could “talk’ to them it seemed. She had this gift since she was a child. It was as natural to her as walking.

King Silas watched her attentively.

She was gentle, knowing and she had a look in her eyes that both frightened him and exhilarated him.

She was powerful, this he knew just by watching her. She possessed something, radiated an energy he wasn’t familiar with.

After some time, she came to a seated position in front of the horse. She told the horse exactly what she was going to do.

She would inspect the wound, anesthetize it with some alcohol, this would sting a little. She would wait some time before pulling out the arrow. He wouldn’t feel a thing.

She would clean and dress the wound and check on him regularly and stay with him throughout the night.

She wouldn’t leave his side.

The horse nuzzled her and closed his eyes.