The procedure went well and the horse barely moved.

It took some hours and Inanna had worked well into the night.

Master Mitchell had organised some tea for Inanna, once he saw the horse was stable. She was grateful for this very sweet gesture.

She finally sat down.

Inanna was incredibly humble and just went about her business gracefully and quietly. She had a rare talent, that was obvious, but she didn’t advertise the fact and let the buzz grow quietly around her, naturally and organically.

King Silas hadn’t said anything throughout the night, just watched her silently from a hay bale in the corner.

Inanna chatted freely and openly with Old Tom and Master Mitchell and explained how she would stay with the horse until morning and then come back every few hours for the next week to check on him.

Silas was visibly relieved but seemed to have trouble expressing his emotions and gratitude.

The three got up from their seats when they saw the king rise.

“ I can’t thank you enough” he said awkwardly, barely looking at any of them and promptly left the stables.

He didn’t even pat the horse on his way out.

Inanna felt for him.

She could sense he had more to say, but felt he didn’t quite know how, a sign of immaturity perhaps.

There were many men like this, afraid of being vulnerable.

Inanna felt many of them saw vulnerability as a weakness and imagined the King would feel this very strongly.

He was the leader of a country after all.

To show vulnerability was to show frailty.

Maybe it was this of which Silas was afraid.