Inanna spent the following days going back and forth to the castle and by the end of the week the horse was beginning to stand.

Inanna and he had forged a very strong bond and she looked forward to going to the stables each and every day.

She didn’t see much of Silas that week and thought he may be avoiding her on purpose, but when she did see him, she didn’t feel quite so jumpy in his presence and in fact purposely started conversation.

Inanna let the words she spoke come from her heart, not her head and she was a very good listener.

For Silas, it was the other way around.

His words were measured, well thought out.

She could tell there was someone completely different lurking behind those kingly robes and she felt determined to uncover it, even if it did make him uncomfortable.

He gave little at first but slowly opened up as the week progressed.

Inanna had a quick wit and a vibrant personality – and she was pleased when she could make the king laugh, it was such a rare event to see him smile, that making him laugh was a job very well done.

The energy in the stables had changed. Everyone was feeling uplifted and positive. There was no doubt the king’s horse would be fine.

Inanna took things very slowly with the horse and a few weeks later took him for a walk through the castle grounds. She ran everything by Silas, the last thing she wanted to do was upset his Royal Highness.

She was shocked when he asked if he could join them on their walk.

It was a stunning Autumn day. The drop in temperature had reflected the onset of Winter and it was Inanna’s favourite time of year.

The leaves were beginning to change and the castle grounds were vast and beautiful, Mother Nature visible in all that surrounded them and she marvelled at her beauty often – picking up a golden leaf or bright red one, a feather, pointing out a glorious tree, effortlessly changing with the seasons.

If only we could be as in tune as the trees.

Standing strong and steady when wild winds blew, allowing change gracefully and without restraint – there was so much we could learn from them.

Inanna seemed to do all the talking, and to Silas she became almost childlike when she was out and about in nature, she came alive. She knew a lot about the healing properties of all the native flowers and herbs in the garden and he marvelled at her extensive knowledge.

They walked back to the stables, Inanna’s arms were laden with treasures from their morning walk and he had taken over guiding the horse. She had placed a large white feather in her hair. The king admired her open heart. Everyone was always so contrived, obliging around him, of course he had procured this himself, but she, she was different – open and honest, unafraid and wistful.

They made their way to the stables.

He was standing opposite her taking off the horses bridle.

She smiled sweetly at him.

“You’re beautiful” he said, “I’ve never seen your equal. What’s your name?”

“It was true”, Inanna thought. They’d never been properly introduced. He knew her only as the healer.

Acutely aware of how he had treated her at the square, she gave a wry smile and without uttering a word turned and promptly walked from the stables.

He smiled and for a moment so too, did his heart.