The villagers ahead where beginning to grow worried when there was no sign of them.

It was too dark now to send someone to find them but they would leave just before dawn and make their way down the road in the direction from which the two would be coming.

They were elated when some hours later the men and their horses returned with the old farmer and his cart close behind.

Once again the villagers gathered around. There was nothing more warming than seeing the people rally together to help – and in this case to help a total stranger.

They hurriedly took Inanna into the warmth and it was a blessing they had more time to stay put here as it would give them time to stabilize her before making the next leg of this laborious journey.

It would also give Micheál time to bathe himself and get some proper food into him, his rations well and truly exhausted from the previous day and night.

They also had time to rest the horse and have a good look at the cart and make the necessary repairs if need be.

Again it was the women of the village who tended to Inanna.

There was something special about the sisterhood and moments like these brought them together and forced them to rise.

They would hold a sacred women’s healing circle for Inanna once night fell and when they had bathed her, changed her and fed her.

Getting water and food into her was crucial.

To their surprise they managed to get a few teaspoons of hearty broth into her and she had managed miraculously to keep it down.

Woman’s circles and Healing circles were commonplace. They were usually guided by the cycles of the moon – the moon offering feminine wisdom, the sun masculine.

The light of the full moon was especially healing and offered cleansing properties to the energy field and the heart space. The full moon energies help to purge and release all that no longer serves while the new moon is for setting intentions and sewing the seeds.

The moon represents women’s beauty, women’s bodies and women’s wisdom and her monthly cycles so clearly mirror their own. She is mysterious, magical and wise and the women used the energy to manifest, harness their sexual energy, for creative inspiration and to connect to higher realms, to release and to integrate.

They couldn’t wait for the moon to be at the perfect juncture, they would proceed regardless.

These sacred circles were a safe space for women to gather, to use their voices and share their stories. They used these circles to empower, uplift and share wisdom. It was important for the women of the day to remain in touch with their feminine strength as it provided them with ancient wisdom and knowledge and kept them positive and strong.

Inanna was especially blessed to be part of these circles tonight. Someone seemed to be watching over her.

The women prepared the sacred space for the Healing circle.

Tonight the focus would be on Inanna and the intention, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

When a group gathered for healing the energies were intensified and this was much needed tonight.