Micheál was feeling much more positive today and so very grateful to all whom had held the space for Inanna to heal the night prior.

He was also most grateful for warm water, some new clothes and a full belly. His horse had also received some love and attention and you could see the benefits it reaped.

Micheál agreed to Ren accompanying them forward. It would give him time to concentrate on the road ahead and his trusty old mare and Ren could tend to Inanna – keeping her comfortable and warm.

Inanna had not opened her eyes or uttered a word but she had a very weak pulse and for this they were thankful.

It wouldn’t be long now, another overnight stop and then a full days drive before they would reach the Priestess Lilith.

The day progressed well.

They took things slowly and Ren made it possible for a much quicker journey.

Their overnight stay was much like the last couple. The villagers managed to get Inanna in and out of the cart with minimal fuss and kept her warm and fed overnight and then it was off again.

It was the final leg of their journey and Inanna was still alive!

Hope had relaced desperation and fear and with each turn of the carts wheel they were closer to salvation.

The journey had taken its toll on Micheál, he was an old man after all.

He had decided he would take a few days or maybe more at the next village to recover before embarking on the long trip back home.

Inanna was still non-responsive but Ren spent the days sending healing energy into her being, silently meditating and occasionally chanting. Micheál loved the chanting – it was hypnotic and soothing and broke the monotony nicely.

It was not far now.

The Village of Nor was a larger village that fed all the smaller villages that surrounded it.

The Kings opulent castle loomed over everything and provided jobs for many of the people in the village. During the day it was a hive of activity and the townspeople would meet in the square daily to trade and sell their wares.

There was a butcher, a baker, stonemason and weaver, a wheelwright, roofer and farmers by the number.

There was the local cobbler, the grocer, armourer and carpenter. Everything was available.

Some enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a bigger town but old Micheál much preferred the serenity and peace of his very solitary lot.

No-one to bother him, no noise to contend with – just that which nature provided. There was little threat of invasion, given there was no king living near him.

He did have an old friend who lived in the village though and it was with him he would reside until he had the strength to move on and of course, to ensure Inanna was on the mend. He’d most certainly grown very fond of her now and would not leave her side until he was sure she would make a full recovery.

Inanna in time would come to appreciate her guardian angel Micheál and all he had done for her, after all it was he who saved her life.