There was a leader who guided tonight’s healing.

The leader was usually an elder. Taught this ancient modality from her mother who had been taught from hers and so on and so forth.

This ancient feminine wisdom kept alive through the generations, each one knowing the importance of not allowing this sacred knowledge to die.

The sacred feminine – the divine essence beyond form or duality is present within every woman and is the source of her primal power.

These women knew that activating and being in touch with this vital life-force would keep them powerful and present. The goddess energy fuels creativity, pleasure and bliss, connecting women over centuries to that very sexual, wild and uninhibited energy – capable of great transformation, transcendence and profound healing.

The leader tonight was Ren.

Ren had presence and would command attention with her every move. She knew exactly what she was doing and stood firmly in her power and radiated her light genuinely and authentically.

She had a thick mane of blonde hair that fell down past her shoulders. Her eyes were the most extraordinary green – you could see the magic and wisdom behind them.

She took some wild sage and smudged the room.

The others had gathered around Inanna and had placed their hands on different parts of her body.

Ren had cleared, blessed and protected the sacred space and begun the healing ritual.

She used healing oils, incense and candles and chanted well-known incantations.

The energy was palpable and one could feel they were in the presence of the divine.

The energy had lifted, had become less dense and you could almost see the healing taking place in Inanna now, the light beginning to do its work – the light of divine love, all healing and ever present, available to everyone, anytime and the source of everyone and everything.

The men of the local village fully supported this sacred ritual and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the power and wisdom behind it. They had seen miracles take place on numerous occasions and realized how lucky they were to be in the company of such divine wisdom.

The men revered this sacred practice and supported their woman whole-heartedly. It was the women who were in charge of this village, aware of the moon cycles, the medicinal qualities of the local herbs and acutely in touch with this wisdom.

They honoured it, protected it and shared it. It was a way of life, a part of life and an important part of not only the women’s lives, but their men’s also.

Inanna had been receiving the healing energies well into the night.

As the circle came to a close, they offered thanks to the God and Goddess energies and it would be Ren who would stay with Inanna throughout the night.

In fact Ren had decided she would accompany Inanna and Micheál on their journey to see Lilith.

Ren saw something very special in Inanna.

She could tell just by looking at her that she too was a healer: a wise woman, a woman that when healed herself would be unable be kept in the shadows any longer.

It was Inanna’s divine path in this lifetime – Ren could see it in her aura.

She would be a beacon of light for both men and women and the time to rise was upon her.