It would be a month before there were any signs of life.

Lilith and Ren had monitored her around the clock.

Lilith used essential oils on her daily, gently massaging her wounds, the strong smell of eucalyptus making itself known. She wanted to be sure the physical symptoms were all healed before she began to delve deeper.

Their hard work had paid off, after a few weeks the swelling had gone down and all that remained were a few pale yellow bruises.

In the candle light Inanna looked serene, peaceful.

It was as though she was happy just resting and she would wake when she was ready.

Micheál had long gone but said he would be back when he could, to check on Inanna and if they could get word to him as soon as she awoke he would appreciate it.

It was time for the full moon ritual.

Ren had become part of the family here at TempleNor. She would stay and live out the rest of her days here.

They left Inanna sleeping soundly and slipped away quietly to attend the ritual in the main temple.

The temple was extraordinary and reserved for ritual only.

It was the domain of the High Priestess.

It was beautiful – there was no other word to describe it. When you entered you knew you were in a sacred space.

Fresh, fragrant flowers not only aided its beauty but the smell was extraordinary. Candles adorned each corner of the temple adding to the ambient atmosphere.

In the middle of this vast space stood a magnificent marble alter, surrounded by water. It had steps leading up to it. Above it was a huge open circular gap in the ceiling. It was built with the trajectory of the moon in mind.

The sound of the chanting and the pungent smell of flowers and incense wafted throughout the temple.

It was immediately calming and the sound and smell drifted effortlessly through the temple eventually making its way to Inanna’s room.

She smelt it first and then heard it – she thought she was in heaven – somewhere so angelic and divine, so familiar, but when she opened her eyes she was confused.