It took strength and persistence, but eventually the light would reappear through Inanna’s eyes and sometimes on a rare occasion they could hear Inanna chanting or singing softly to herself.

She was a diligent student there was no doubt about that, and her love for energy healing grew stronger and stronger. She couldn’t get enough of it.

It became her passion. Out of the darkness came the light.

She would have to learn forgiveness, again.

The one man that made Inanna shake with fear was Beircheart Laird and the only way Inanna would rid herself of fear, of guilt, of anger and shame was through forgiveness.

It is through forgiveness, we find freedom.

She had learnt this when her father sent Eamon away and married her off to that beastly thug, to be brutally bashed and raped. He didn’t think that would happen, but it did and Inanna still harboured resentment towards him also.

This was what would come up in these moments of darkness. Something would happen to lift the scab, to reveal the unhealed wound. The wound slowly bleeds, just to let you know it is still there – still trapped in the field.

It was important to acknowledge the pain, to feel the grief, to sit with it, as hard as that was, in those moments of silence.

Becoming aware of the pain is one of the greatest tools of transformation.

 I acknowledge the pain and suffering I feel and realize it is here to teach me so that I may grow and expand my knowledge of love, as that is what I am here to learn.

It was through this pain that Inanna would uncover her greatest gift. She may not be aware of this now but in the years to come she would.

Everything happens for a reason.

She would meditate on this often, sometimes alone, sometimes with Ren or Lilith.

To look at something objectively, to look at it from above – a different perspective – allowed you to look at the situation differently.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change”. (1)

Rather than playing the victim, release the anger, offer forgiveness, take back the power and free yourself.

Look at the situation as a lesson, a gift. In time one will come to realize this is what it is.

Life is a journey in self-discovery, a treasure hunt of the heart.

We must find our way back to love, back to the truth of who we are, and we can do this through forgiveness.

(1) Dr Wayne Dyer