Inanna was in a great space more often then not and with each passing day a little more of her came back.

A day did not go by where she didn’t visit the horses, desperate to ride, to feel that freedom again.

She even started making her way into the village.

Lilith was taking things slowly with Inanna, careful not to push her too far, too early.

Learning the art of healing took strength and courage and was taxing emotionally and mentally, so she made sure Inanna had plenty of down time, plenty of time to play again – to have no worries and be as carefree as possible.

Lilith knew she was on the mend, but could also see she still harboured the darkness within.

Sometimes Inanna would go to her room, and the injured soul would present itself again.

She wouldn’t leave her room for days, sometimes even weeks. She would be quiet, unapproachable, distant.

Lilith would use this time as a teachable moment, guiding Inanna through the process.

“The darkness is just as important as the light. How could one recognise the light if it weren’t for the darkness? It is here to teach us Inanna, to better us.”

“It is important”, she would say, “to make the darkness visible.”

“It is important to bring it into the light, so that the negative vibration does not remain in the energy field. This can cause irreparable damage to the physical being if left unattended.”

She would try and encourage her to speak – to voice what was inside but this proved difficult for Inanna. Even as a little girl she suffered throat infections when her true voice was being repressed.

Lilith would work on her throat chakra, the fifth chakra, Vishuddha.

Blue like a clear sky on a summer’s day, this chakra is the first of the higher chakras and is located in the region of the neck and shoulders.

The gift of this chakra is being able to express your authentic voice, accepting your uniqueness and speaking your truth.

The silence Lilith was met with, meant Inanna’s throat chakra was blocked or unbalanced.

She was unable to express her truth or find her voice.

Lilith imagined Inanna was silenced at some stage in her life when she spoke her truth and stood up for what she believed. There were people out there who thought this was not a woman’s place.

Inanna would let Lilith heal her and usually after a session there would be sadness and grief. Deep, deep grief and a fear so strong of speaking her truth it was becoming debilitating.

She would start Inanna chanting to get the throat chakra balanced again – to get her to physically move sound through this region to aid the healing process.

At first Inanna couldn’t utter a sound.

Lilith would take her into the sacred temple, lay her on the slab, anoint her throat and begin the chant. Inanna would lie there, terrified, looking up at the sky above.

It took weeks to get even the slightest of murmurs out of her: those who have been beaten are often the last to rise.