It was a day like any other when all of a sudden there was a visitor to the temple – an important visitor by the looks.

Inanna went to fetch Lilith.

She was out the back hanging her washing when Lilith came back excitedly.

Inanna you have been asked to the castle.

“Me?” Inanna said with surprise and mock amusement.

“Your good name is travelling far and wide Inanna – the palace does not call just any old healer.

There’s a horse – an old mare that needs seeing to.”

Inanna was out the front door immediately.

“Not so fast” called out Lilith, “I will have to run you through the protocol, darling.”


This was no ordinary visit – not everyone was summoned by royalty.

There were many rules, and

A – Inanna didn’t care much for rules or the establishment and

B – She didn’t have a very good memory and was terrified she would forget everything Lilith told her.

“Relax, Inanna dear, the king has been away fighting for years. While he is not there, the palace will be forgiving should you make a mistake. If King Silas was in town however, well that would be a different story” she laughed.

Who was this King Silas? Inanna wasn’t sure she liked the sound of him.

She took her medicine bag and made her way to the castle gates.

It was a beautiful castle, she’d never seen anything like it before.

It was huge, with a wide moat running all the way around it.

She approached the gatehouse apprehensively.

Normally she would be full of confidence but this great stone structure made her weak at the knees.

From far away the castle looked much less imposing – up close it looked terrifying.

“Name please?” someone yelled from the gatehouse.

“Inanna Florence Sir. I’m the Healer here to tend to a sick mare.”

“The guard will show you the way.”

She followed quickly behind a very well dressed guard. He wasn’t slowing down for her either.

If she thought the castle was imposing standing outside its walls, just wait until she made her way through the gates.

It quite simple took her breath away.