She didn’t bother changing, and unbeknownst to her, she had a cute little soil mark running down the side of her cheek. Her hair was scruffy from the gardening, but she still looked radiant. Even if she were dressed in rags she would look beautiful. She still had her dirty apron on over her pretty white dress.

Lilith wondered if she was doing this on purpose.

She had a strange habit of wanting to irk those in power, shake things up a little. She liked to push the boundaries and did so when she could.

Lilith loved this about Inanna, she liked a woman with a little tenacity, a little pizazz.

One shouldn’t be too serious all the time.

Inanna shoved some old clippings in the pocket of her apron, brushed her hair into place with her forearm and started the long walk down to the village.

The energy was palpable and even Mother Nature had turned on a show for the King.

Yes, everything was going in his favour today.

There were people everywhere. Not only was the entire village out but it seemed everyone within a hundred mile radius was there too.

The flags were hoisted high and everyone had donned their finest rags to welcome King Silas home.

There was excitement and anticipation and not only amongst the adults, the children were hysterical too, running around hurriedly, big smiles on their faces.

The crowd were gathered in the square and along the road all the way to the castle of the King.

There were little stalls set up, showing off the local farmers’ produce and the wares of the local tradesmen. The villagers needed to let King Silas know the town had prospered even when he was gone and they had all done their very best to ensure the village still remained good enough for the King.

Inanna greeted everyone warmly. She noticed they were all looking a little bemused as she wandered through the streets. Never before had they seen her so slovenly. She was always so well groomed.

Still, dressed as she was, she still garnered looks from everyone.

It was the way she held herself, the way she caught your eye – she was confident, yet graceful, powerful yet gentle, a real enigma.

She had presence.

She knew it and so did everyone around her.

When Inanna stood firmly in her feminine essence it was a sight to behold.

You could feel it and you could see it.

The street leading up to the square was packed.

Everyone was chattering excitedly, there were squeals of delight coming from the little children, and people were gesticulating wildly.

King Silas must be close now.

Inanna could see Mrs Emmett right up there in the front row, making sure she didn’t miss a thing, she would be talking about this moment for years to come.

As she made her way through the town square the energy changed.

A hurried silence graced the crowd and everyone moved to the side.

They all bowed down on one knee and Inanna was taken by surprise.

She hadn’t met a King before and certainly wasn’t told about the protocol when one arrived.

Before she knew it she was standing face to face with the King’s horse.

Inanna’s response was natural and easy.

The horse was riled up and rearing wildly.

She grabbed him by the bridle and whispered, “There, there you beauty. It’s ok”

She stroked the side of his face until he calmed.

He was exquisite, a beautiful, big, black stallion. Dark, stubborn and wild just like his rider it would turn out.

The crowd watched on aghast. What was this mad woman doing?

“He’s beautiful. I’ve never seen his equal. What’s his name?”

It was a moment or two before their eyes met.