Inanna’s sacred practice took on new meaning.

She had started the journey back home, and now it was impossible to know of any other way of being, always seeking, always learning, always growing.

She would spend hours in the scared temple atop the altar.

The nymphs would prepare her body for ritual.

They would strip her naked and stand her in the sacred water. They would wash her clean, each and every part of her, and once clean she would make her way up to the marble altar.

The practice took place either during the daylight or under the lunar light depending on what she was intending to transform.

Her energy work was as important to her as breathing and it was her desire to teach as many people as she could about their incredible energetic bodies.

Once people became aware of this, their lives would change forever.

They would open themselves up to a world of magic and wonder. They would see themselves for who and what they were – incredible beings capable of instant manifestation and profound transformation.

Fear and anger, jealousy and rage would disappear and in its place, gratitude and love, trust and faith.

Inanna’s spiritual practice kept her calm and peaceful and connected her to source energy – the energy of pure love and the source of all life.

When she connected she became one with the divine, the great creator, and this was a great source of power, available not only to her but to anyone and everyone.

Once connected she could receive clear guidance: guidance in its purest form: guidance that would align her to her truth.

Opening up and connecting with source energy allowed her to receive an influx of divine wisdom and knowledge that she, in turn could use to light the way ahead not only for herself but for others too.

Connecting with the divine feminine energy was an act of worship, to oneself and Mother Earth, the Divine Mother. It is the energy of giving birth – not only to procreate but to give birth to new ideas, expressions and dreams.

The Divine Feminine is part of all – man and woman and Inanna knew the importance of creating an equal balance between her masculine and feminine energies, for once she had a balance of these, the kundalini energy could rise.

She knew too that her sexual energy was her life force energy.

When Inanna connected with this energy she felt vital. Creative surges would follow and she felt confident and self-assured.

The practice only involved women at this stage as she still carried the scars of Beircheart.

It took a long time for her to even allow a woman to touch her, but she did understand the importance of allowing this to happen and not closing herself off to this aspect of herself completely.

She had enjoyed making love to Eamon and was sure she could learn to trust men again, but it would be some time before she would allow a man to enter her sacred temple.