Inanna’s popularity was growing and she began to hold healing circles for the local community.

She would combine her love of music to help heal and uplift, connecting with people’s deepest emotions, bringing then to the surface and setting them free.

People felt a little lighter, a little brighter after they had seen Inanna.

The people trusted her completely and went to her for all manner of things: dream interpretation, astrology readings, healings and meditation. She held women’s circles, new moon and full moon circles. She started teaching all those who wanted to learn and they could see the benefits it brought almost instantly.

There were those who went home and took action and there were those who didn’t.

Those who didn’t were always disappointed when they came back for a reading and nothing had changed.

“You have to work with the Universe” she would say, “it’s not going to do all the work for you”, she would laugh.

Inanna started forming very solid relationships with all those she taught and healed.

Life in the village sustained her in a way she didn’t think possible.

Healing had brought richness and meaning to her life again.

She knew that all she had endured in her life, the good and the bad, had brought her to this place, this exact moment in time and she felt blessed and so very fortunate.

Her days were different now.

She no longer thought of the past as much but tried to remain as present as she could, preferring to look at each new day as a gift, a chance to start anew, to be re-born.

Eamon was never far from her heart and she never lost hope and prayed daily that she would be reunited with him in this lifetime. She stayed positive and only thought of the happy memories the two shared.

She thought of her family too, her sisters and her mother. They would be older now and she wondered what had become of them. She also prayed that she would be reunited with them at some stage.

She had forgiven her father and Beircheart and she had freed herself of all pain. She still held both in her prayers and offered them love and healing light. She hoped with all her heart there was not another woman at the end of Beircheart’s fists, or worse.

Love was the ultimate healing energy, very powerful indeed, capable of miracles.

She wished a miracle for him now.