The King’s arrival had every single person in the village feverish, everyone in the village, except Inanna. She found the whole thing comical.

She had never held much respect for the establishment, everyone was equal after all, and she didn’t care much for rules, preferring to play by her own.

Everyone was running around maniacally painting, fixing the cobblestones, planting things, grooming things – they had to make everything perfect for the return of the mighty King Silas.

Inanna had been summoned to the castle numerous times that week.

She had to make sure all the horses were in tip top shape and everyone in the palace healthy.

There couldn’t be anyone or anything in less than perfect working order.

“Who was this man who commanded so much attention?” she wondered.

She smirked as she made her way back to her beloved temple, far from the madness of the castle and the village. There were some beautiful spring flowers she collected in the fields outside the castle on her walk home.

Flowers and candles were Inanna’s favourite things.

She felt so happy and content.

She had transformed the temple into a place of beauty and warmth.

Everyone who walked through her doors immediately felt peace and calm. They felt they had a safe space to heal and a trusted confidante to tell their deepest worries and desires to.

Inanna could be trusted and all those who came to her for healing knew this.

It was a new day – the big day.

Inanna had been busy this morning in the garden. She had never been that keen on gardening although both Eamon and her sister Frances were both avid gardeners, so she had learnt some tricks along the way. It was such an exquisite day she just wanted to be outside amongst nature.

This, beside the temple was her favourite place to be.

She often took long strolls beyond the village like she used to when she was a little girl.

She knew her way around very well now.

The energy of the village had been growing steadily throughout the morning and by lunchtime it was positively frantic.

“Are you going down to the village for the arrival of the King Inanna?”

“Well I might have to Lilith, I simply must see for myself what all the fuss is about”