It had been years since Inanna was brought to the Village of Nor – broken, battered and bruised but she had managed to transform herself from broken woman to fearless warrior.

She diligently followed her practice and the guidance of Lilith and all those around her. She knew everyone she encountered on her path was a guide.

She liked to play a game where she imagined herself as the only person on the planet – everyone else was an actor in her play – there to teach her and help her grow.

She was now able to see the beauty in all – for all contained the gift of the holy spirit within.

Everyone was presented to her at exactly the right time and in exactly the right place.

Eamon, her sisters, her mother and father, Ren and Lilith, William Able and Old man Tom, why even Beircheart.

Every experience she encountered taught her something about herself. She learned to dance with the flow of life rather than waste her energy fighting against it.

She knew she held the power.

She was the great alchemist.

She was in charge of turning the lead to gold, the negative to positive.

The power lay within.

The power lay within each and every one of us.

Ren and Inanna had taken a short stroll to the village.

It was a spectacular day. The first whispers of spring evident in the new growth on the trees, the music of the birdsong and the warmth in the wind.

Spring was unfolding and there seemed to be an air of excitement amongst the Villagers.

They stopped by William Able’s for a hug and a chat. When you received a hug from William it was like having your whole being shrouded in love.

They visited the florist, Fleur, the grocer and the candle maker. Inanna loved candles and there were always plenty in the temple.

As they made their way back through the village, arms laden with fresh produce and plenty of candles, they passed Mrs Emmett. They looked at each other and smiled a knowing smile. They tried to bow their heads and hurry past but it was always tricky to pass by unnoticed.

“Have you heard the news?”, she shrieked,

“The King, the King is returning”.

She was mildly hysterical.

“Aah, the elusive King Silas, so he wasn’t a figment of everyone’s imagination after all”, Inanna said quietly, a tiny smirk gracing her lips.